IV. Bricolage

IV: Bricolage

Bull’s Head, Pablo Picasso

Architecture IV
Studio Tom Emerson
Tuesday 10.03.15 8:15am

Further Reading

Isaiah Berlin, The Hedgehog and the Fox
Claude Levi-Strauss, The Savage Mind
Charles Jencks, Nathan Silver, Adhocism

Further Viewing

Jacques Tati, Playtime
Jacques Tati, Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot
Tom Sachs, Space Program
Buster Keaton, The Scarecrow

The Wright brothers’ wind tunnel
Duchamp vs the Wright brothers
Robinson Crusoe
Lunar rover’s improvised mudguard
Buster Keaton: The Scarecrow
Figure-ground plan of Wiesbaden (from Collage City)
David Griffin and Hans Kohlhoff: City of Composite Presence (from Collage City)