Tom Emerson

Founded 6a architects with Stephanie Macdonald in London in 2001. 6a has recently completed the new mk Gallery in Milton Keynes, the South London Gallery, a photography studio complex for Juergen Teller and Cowan Court at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. 6a architects has received several riba Awards, the Schelling Medal in 2012 and was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2017. Emerson was awarded the 2018 Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Prize in Zürich.

Work and writings by the practice have been exhibited and published internationally. Books include Never Modern produced in collaboration with Irénée Scalbert (Park Books, 2014) and a monograph by El Croquis was published in 2018.

He studied at the University of Bath, the Royal College of Art in London and the University of Cambridge. He taught at the Architectural Association (2000-04), Cambridge (2004-10) and, since 2010 has been professor of architecture at the etc Zurich. 6a architects

Boris Gusic

studied at the eth Zurich, fadu Universidad de Buenos Aires and ensa Paris La Villette. After graduating in 2008 he joined 6a Architects where he worked on numerous refurbishment projects. In 2010 he set up the architecture collaborative gruppe with Christoph Junk and Nicholas Lobo Brennan. With gruppe he won the Swiss Art Award for Architecture in 2012, was nominated for the Iakov Chernikov Prize 2014 and was finalist for the Debut Award at the Lisbon Triennale. He has been teaching and lecturing throughout Europe. Since 2016 he runs his own practice Boris Gusic Architekt. Boris Gusic Architekt

Christoph Junk

studied architecture at eth Zurich and graduated in 2008 with a free diploma about theatre typologies. He developed the new ‘Kameratheater’ with director Hartmut Wickert. Since 2008 he was working on several architecture, writing and art projects in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2010 he formed Gruppe with Boris Gusic and Nicholas Lobo Brennan. Gruppe is based in Zurich and is working on architecture, art, theatre and publishing projects. Since 2011 he is teaching assistant at Tom Emerson’s Chair for Architecture and Design at eth Zürich.

Nemanja Zimonjic
is a Yugoslavian-born architect based in Zurich, Switzerland. He draws, builds and writes about architecture, and is a founding member of TEN. He was educated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) where he received his Master of Science in Architecture (MSc) with honors, and at the University of Belgrade where he graduated with a Master of Architecture. Since 2013 he has taught and researched at the Chair of Prof. Tom Emerson for Design and Construction at ETH Zurich, within which he has been responsible for second year design studio and several exhibition and publication projects, such as Glasgow Atlas, including a long term experimental pedagogical and building project titled Garden together with the landscape architect Daniel Ganz. His work has been exhibited at ETH Zurich, the Venice Architecture Biennale (2008), Artgeneve (2016, 2017); his writing and drawings have been published in various magazines, architecture journal EROS and the book GO FIELD and TOWERS (Amarillo Press, 2017). He has been invited to speak and present his work at RWTH Aachen, EPFL Lausanne, the Faculty for Architecture in Belgrade, and TU Delft.


Daniel Ganz

Founded the Zürich-based office Ganz Landschaftsarchitekten in 1995, whose projects include the landscape architecture of the renovated eth Polyterasse, the garden of C.G. Jung’s house in Küsnacht and the gardens of Terminal E at Zürich Airport. Originally trained as a gardener, he studied landscape architecture under Dieter Kienast in Rapperswil, afterwards working for several years in Kingston, Jamaica. Alongside his practice he regularly lectures and has previously held teaching positions as Guest Professor at the epf Lausanne 2011–12 and at the Hochschule für Technik in Rapperswil 2008–12. He joined Studio Tom Emerson in 2015.

Guillaume Othenin-Girard

studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, the Cooper Union in New York City and the Istanbul Technical University. He has worked in Switzerland and the United States on projects within the domains of architecture, carpentry and publishing. In 2010 he extended the field of his independent research through travels in Japan and Mongolia. He was a studio director in the alice laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne from 2012-14. He is a co-founder of TEN and Architecture Unit and collaborates with artists and architects on various design, writing and exhibition projects.


Amy Perkins

studied architecture at Cambridge University and London Metropolitan University, graduating in 2013. A founding member of Assemble Studio in 2010, she has worked on the Cineroleum and Folly for a Flyover self build projects. She worked for Caruso St John in London for a total of six years working on a range of projects including the renovation of the Tate Britain, Stockholm City Library, Hospitalfields Arts and Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. She taught undergraduate unit 2 at Cambridge University Department of Architecture from 2016-2017 with Rod Heyes and joined Tom Emerson's Chair for Architecture and Design at the eth as teaching assistant in 2018.

Current Student Assistants

Lucio Crignola, Julius Henkel, Senta Fahrlander, Irma Radoncic, David Moser

Former Assistants

Céline Bessire, Nick Drofiak, Iela Herrling, Adi Heusser, Nicholas Lobo Brennan, Philipp Imboden, Steffen Jürgensen, Karl Rühle, Lucy Styles, Thomasine Wolfensberger, Philip Shelley

Former Student Assistants

Theresa Behling, Christian Gork, Florence Willi, Kevin Dröscher, Bianca Kummer, Karl Rühle, Lukas Mersch, Cristina Bellucci, Karlis Berzins, Lorenza Donati, Florian Ringli, Hanna Schlösser, Timo Töws, Lukas Fink, Martin Zwahlen,