Hidden Zürich

Hidden Zürich, 21–25 March 2011


Wen Gott lieb hat, dem gibt er ein Haus in Zürich – The one that is liked by God, will be given a house in Zürich

Carl Hauptmann, poet 1883

Below well manered appearances, Zürich has been the site of radical art movements, plots of political revolution and literary invention. There are tales of gold lying under the pavement on Bahnhofstrasse, tables shared by Lenin, Einstein and Joyce or pumping station the height of mountains. We shall go in search of Zürich’s hidden heart.Five guests will lead us through their own Zurich, who like Calvino’s Marco Polo, will reveal the multitude of invisible spaces that make, afterall, only one city.

21–25 March 2011
Price Range A
10–22 students

Seminar week booklet
Hidden Zürich, Itinerary to seminar trip, April 2011, 210 × 148.5mm, 60 pages, 1 staple, risograph print by Simon Egli on Recyconomic, 80gsm