20-26 October 2019


The first ceramics items were created 16500 years ago in Japan to store and cook food. With no tradition of pottery to draw from, the Jomon people created and decorated their pots in the woven forms of the vessels they already created – baskets. It was in Japan that the world’s first pottery was born, and with it, possibly the world’s first stew. The realization that certain types of earth dug from the ground and baked in a fire created a hard, resistant and watertight material did not spread from Japan but was individually discovered by groups of people across the globe, each beginning their own specific ceramic and culinary tradition.

Working with the Laufen factory in Laufen, Switzerland and with the help and guidance of the Granby Workshop team from Liverpool, we will continue our journey through the history and production of our man-made world by looking at how clay is transformed from a soft and malleable material into objects of desire, display, protection, precision-engineering and everyday use. Working between the factory floor and our own garden at the eth where we will create a kiln, we will spend the week forming and firing our own pieces, reading, cooking and eating together.

20–26 October 2019

Price Range B, includes visits, materials and transport

12 students max


This series of seminar weeks explores our physical and emotional connection with the world around us. Focusing on different materials and actions we will investigate the process by which things are made at both the scale of the factory and the craftsman. Literature, film, and technology will guide and frame the way we look at these processes of making and we will use our own hands and bodies to explore each theme. Weaving, Firing, Casting, Carving, Moving, Forging, Preserving.

We will work in small groups of 12 students and each seminar week will be accompanied by a specific reading which we will discuss over the course of the week. By keeping travelling to a minimum, each seminar week will be affordably priced below 500CHF.