Making and the Territory, Part 1: Small is Beautiful
Hidden Gardens: Italy, Photo by Charles H. Traub from Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980’s  Damiani, 2013
Manifesta 11: Pavillon of Reflections
Zürich Atlas II: Rosengartenstrasse
Growing by Numbers II
The Garden
Dan Graham visits Studio Tom Emerson
Growing by Numbers II
Hidden Garden, 16–20  March 2015
Zürich Atlas I: Bucheggplatz
Working in Stages, LUMA Foundation, Löwenbräu Areal Zürich, 21. November 2014 till 28. February 2015
Atlas, a retrospective of collaborative work by Studio Tom Emerson, 2010-2014, opened at ETH Zurich on 7 October., Atlas is one of three exhibitions presented by gta at ETH Zurich. The exhibition installations was designed and built by second year students.
Growing by Numbers
Working in Stages, ETH Zürich
Growing by Numbers
Belvedere, Zollikon, June 2014
Glasgow Atlas
Craft and Radical Architecture, 15 April 2014, hil e4, 8–10am
A Belvedere for Zollikon, opening on 6th of September

Re-construcing the World, Soane's picture gallery & Monk's Parlour, 17 October–6 November 2012

Exhibition in Dresden, 10th of April

Galway Atlas Exhibition Opening, 8 October 2012

Exhibition, Atlas of an Irish City,

Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin, until 21 February

SIA Masters Prize, Michael Fehlmann
Timber and Culture: Making Connections,


March 2013, hil e4, 8–10am 

Brick: the Forgotten Material, April 2013, hil e4, 8–10am
Premature Iron, 23 April 2013, hil e4, 8–10am
Forst Atlas exhibition opening,

1 November 2012

Forst Atlas,

Exhibition at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, 12-21 June

An exhibition and catalogue of architectural projects by students from Studio Tom Emerson, ETH Zurich, 9–20 October 2012Galway, Ireland
Dysart and Palaces, Tom DePaor lecture, 3 April 2012, 7PM
Constructing the World
Seth Sigelaub talk on ETH
Never Modern by Irénée Scalbert and 6a architects is published by Park Books, Zurich
Galway Atlas
A Town Tormented by the Sea
The Unfinished, Lecture by Professor Robert Harbison, 15 May 2012, HIL E4, 8AM
São Paulo Escondido, 15–26 March 2012  
Constructing the World II
Hidden Belgrade, 21–27  October 2013
A Town Tormented by the Sea, 29-30 May 2012
Forst Atlas

Forst – News from nowhere  

An exhibition and catalogue of architectural projects by students from Studio Tom Emerson, ETH Zurich, 2–18 November 2012Forst, Germany

We were never modern, 7 October 2011,


Scribes & Squares

96 Hands, 22.09-05.10.2011

Los Angeles, 14–23 March 2014      Image: Ed Ruscha, Wen Out For Cigrets 1985


Trouvaille Sihlquai

Jaú, 22.02–08.03.2011